Strange network screen pop up when click Lite-On forum thread

Does anyone else get this pop up screen when clicking the “write strategies” thread in the Lite-On forum:

Is it a tracker of some sort. It only appears on the first page, and of course, I choose cancel:

Looks like something is linking to a page that isn’t working properly (or only accessible when logging in). If you don’t know the right codes, you cannot get in.

Just to be clear, this is NOT your CD Freaks login.

Then you see it too when you click on that thread. I just wanted to know that I’m not the only one who sees that script. It seems to be imbedded in the thread. “Mikeyjames” is a cdfreaks member who has some sort of website.

dude he obviously used his internet providers(optus is a major telco in Aus.) free webspace to host the pics, and it was done the wrong way so it’s asking you to log in to see them. nothing major

Unless everyone in every thread would do the same thing. It’s just not the kind of etiquette you like to see on these boards. Normally, I wouldn’t complain as I find it kind of humorous that the administrator hasn’t modified the message (I’ve seen less innocuous stuff get reamed on other boards).

It was just momentarily arousing, shall we say. It definitely caused me to waste several minutes searching the web and the newsgroups to see if there was an imbedded script that I should be aware of. “Mikeyjames” apparently links to photos on his site elsewhere and those photos are password protected. He should have edited the post himself.

Didn’t get the message myself…

  1. I don’t see the log on box you have shown on that page.
  2. He just made a mistake in the link, instead of linking to the user section of his space, he has obviously linked through his admin section an honest mistake by anyone.
  3. no user here can edit their post after 30 minutes

Hmmm, when you click on one of his posts on that thread:

Do you see his png scans or do you see x’ed out boxes like I do with his password screen coming up?

Another person in that thread also sees his network sign on screen, so I’m not the only one. I think it may be my AV Script shield that’s blocking his graphics from loading.

Yes on that post it is like you say. Still it is because he has linked to the images and not attached them. Like I said before he stuffed up the link by linking through the admin section of his web host instead of linking through the user section of his host (optus).

Maybe Da_Taxman can edit out the link in his post so it doesn’t come up again :wink:

If someone tells us what the correct links have to be, we can of course fix them