Strange Nero Disc Quality Upstroke Graph

I have the Plextor PX-716A TLA 0304 flashed to FW 1.08, Win XP Pro SP2, AMD 64 3200+ Winchester, MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, 1 GB OCZ PC3200 RAM, Nero Burning ROM

When I do a Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality scan I get a peculiar upstroke to the graph at the very beginning. This appears on all disks I have scanned so far, including recently burned data and audio disks, disks burned with other CD burners, and commercial disks. I had a different PX-716A initially, returned for horrible error rates and refusal to burn a variety of good media, and it did not show this upstroke. No other burner I have owned has displayed this upstroke. I couldn’t recall seeing this before on this forum until scans by Daviskw and crossg in the thread “Post your Plextor DVD quality scans here” (

Any ideas why a few of us have this unusual event while most others do not? Does this mean that the drive does not spin up properly? Is the something to be concerned about?

I just started using PxScan/PxView tonight and error rates on the few CD-R’s I have looked at so far seem ok compared to others. Have yet to do a DVD scan. Another interesting observation is that Nero Disk Quality scan always states no C1 or C2 errors while PxScan show some C1 errors. Does Nero Not work well with Plextor?


The upstroke is nothing to worry about. I’ve seen this with other drives as well and with some Plextor drives. Nero CD-DVD Speed cannot perform a Disc Quality test with Plextor drives so you can’t use this tool to measure the amount of errors on the disc. Nero CD-DVD Speed only allows you to perform a Surface Scan (ScanDisc) which is far from detailed. If you want to measure the errors on CD and DVD media you can only use PlexTools(/XL) or PxScan.


Thank you for the reply. I was concerned that this unusual spin-up would be a source of errors at the beginning of the recording. I can not say that this is the case so far. It must be due to some manufacturing variances that, hopefully, stay within tolerance. Maybe my drive was built on a Monday morning and the workers were a little sleepy. :slight_smile:

Thanks also for the info about Nero CD-DVD Speed and Plextor. I will be exploring PxScan more and might re-load PlexTools for comparison. So much I’d like to do, not enough time!

the pxscan and pxview tools are very nice. I am a new owner of the PX716SA, and use the tools daily. They are highly configurable and they’re free :slight_smile:


You have a nice setup. How do you get that text, your sig, added to the bottom of your message?

I am starting to like the Pxscan/PxView tools very much as well though I would like to learn how to use them better though. For instance, how to insert the % placeholders (particularly the %MID and %DRV) and “autolaunch” into the batch file. Haven’t been able to get these to work yet so I must be doing something wrong.

The report that comes up in PxView is very good. The author did great work! When posting these scans to the forum, what is customary to include, as far as text and graphs for DVD’s?


Thank you for the compliment.
As for the signature part, you click on UserCp at the top of the page.
Then click edit signature, located on the left hand side of the page. Add in what you want, it even lets you test it. Once you have it the way you like it, submit it and it’ll stick :slight_smile:

You can just upload a complete screenshot of the results, like crossg did in this post. That’ll tell us everything we need to know :wink: