Strange Nero 63115 Error ?!

OK i burned today a DVD-R (MCC 01 rg20) and Nero said something about block something and it lokked like the burn failed but it wasnt true after the estimated burning time nero was finished and said burn unsuccessfull but the strange thing is that the disc is ok lol.
Are their some issues with bitsetting to DVD-Rom enabled when burning DVD-Rs ?

edit: it seems that the disc os not really redable but dvdinfopro says it is no red blocks or something like that.
And ne scan with kprobe is ok too.

Ok i now burned the same Disc without any problems (same brand same mid ) im a little bit confused right why is the first disc not working O.o?!
I used a SOHW-832S VS04
My checklist to test a successful burn gets longer and longer :frowning:

ok the error says “invalid block address” whats that ?
Can it be that it was the DVD i used so like one faulty out of 20 ?
Or is my burner maybe faulty ?