Strange monitor problem

I have an AOC 5elr monitor. I installed command and conquer generals , and when i ran it the monitor went into standby mode. I rebooted, but the monitor remained in the standyby mode, but the computer was booting, i even heard the windows intro. I turned off the computer and left it off for 30 minutes. I turned it on and the oimage was back again, the suddenly, after almost 10 seconds, the image disappeared and the reappeared and the dissapeared again, and so on. I turned off the computer and left it another 30 minutes and the same thing happened when i turned it on. I disconected the monitor from the video card, and turned it on. The monitor made a constant repeating sound like when it changes resolusion and the modes switched constantly from standby to active. I don’t know what is happening. Is the monitor broken or did generals messed it up?

Usually ,constant clicking means that the relais in the monitor is about to fail. I had this with a 17"monitor once… It clicked like 200 times in a second and after that it went dead and smelled horribly.

Better bring it to a repair shop right away