Strange message when try to burn my doc data

I am new to using a cdrw drive …I have an desktop with xp LG GCE-8526B 52x35x52 its listed as my i drive in [my computer] and I use nero express with incd I only want to use it to back up my documents folder once a week not for music yet ,anyway when I put in the memorex cdrw 4x blank disc if I click on the cdrw drive icon I get a message i :\ is not accessable incorrect function , so I started just clicking on nero instead and now I don’t get this message and I am able to go ahead and burn so I guess incd must format the blank disc first , I am catching on to this , durring the process I get this message " your inserted disc is not empty , nero can erase the disc for you at this stage but be aware you might loose important data do you still choose to proceed in this way , should nero blank the disc for you , if I should choose no the burn process is going to be aborted so I have to choose yes , so it erases and later on into the burn process I get another message (nero found some non critical errors do you want to go ahead anyway) and I click yes …and so then the verification process fails , but the copy looks ok when I check it out …I don’t understand why all this is happening and what is it erasing anyway ? the nero incd formating that took place at the start is that whats being erased ? and why have in on there if its going to be erased later on ? and then why the non critical errors message I am seeing and the failed verification ??

Avoid packet writing software like InCD. Use CD/DVD ISO mode, multi-session. Leave the session open if you want to add more data at a later time.

Also avoid Memorex media. Try Maxell or Fuji.

I don’t understand any of what you are telling me to do it don’t make sense to me ?? I can’t avoid incd thats what I got thats my software , its good software and I am not going to uninstall it and use roxio easy creator if thats what your suggesting ??
I have to use multi session , how else can I utilize a cdrw disc if I don’t use multi session ?? what do you mean by leave the session open , you either do multi session to overwrite and add new content to a folder or you choose not to multisession and then the cdrw can only be used once and then you throw it away , so why use cdrw ? might as well use cd-r discs then…
whats cd/dvd iso mode , I never heard of that before ???
In any case even if I wanted to buy those two brands you mentioned they are not sold in any stores in chicago
Only memorex is sold here in so I have no choice but to get that brand …
If I could get any media I wanted at the neighborhood store like compusa , best buy or office max office depot, I would get richo platinum , matsui toatsu, tayo yuden , verbatim data life plus azo and super azo and hp and sony is also very good

If you want to use your CD-RW like a big floppy disk, then you must format it with InCD before using it. If InCD doesn’t open automatically when you put in a blank CD-RW, do this:

Go to your desktop.
Right click on “My Computer” and select “Explore”.
Find the Icon for your burner and right click on it.
From the menu that pops up, select “InCD format”.

After the format has finished, you can copy files to the disc, delete files from it, etc.


Thank You DRF so much for your help , I appreciate it
Sincerly Zalman

I’m glad I could help.