Strange MCC004 - bad discs



There is a strange difference in quality of MCC004 (Verbatim 16X - not printable) 100pcs cakebox.

The first one is from a cakebox, where all media looked like this one.
I bought a second 100pcs cakebox and all media look like the second scan - I already had to throw 2 discs away, they had many POFs!!!

Anyone has an explanation?

Burner: BenQ 1640 BSOB (all media were burned at 12X)


I had the same problem on a 50 pack but for me I had just the odd PIE spike but not
the higher PIF count.

How many have you burned so far? Do they all show higher PIF?



you may have a look at this thread:



30 bad from the new cakebox so far, all the same scan (except 2, which had a wide area of 8 PIFs, in wich had about 2000 POFs - unreadable)

Before, I’ve burned 3 100pcs MCC004 cakeboxes, all fine.


Hmm maybe one batch is CMC and one batch MBIL.
What are the serials of the disc’s ?


Serials (printed (not carved) in the center of the disc):
5242 527 4R E F 21589
5242 527 4R E D 21590


I had a burn like your 2nd one yesterday. It also had high numbers of PIF errors.

The first few in my 50PC spindle all burned with less than 100 PIF, this last one was upto 3000 PIF. Batch numbers were the same throughout the spindle.


Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve noticed a rise in PIE with several batches of MCC 004 lately. It’s very high with the 1650/1655. If your concerned about it, maybe try different f/w like BSLB/BSMB or even BEFB/BEGB. See scan.
This was done today, CloneDVD2 @ 12x SB/OS/WOPC all enabled.