Strange lite-on ldw-411s problem

Hi all,

I have an Lite-On ldw-411s burner, and i have some strange problems at the moment.
The burner has functioned properly till some weeks ago.
I use arita+r 4x (ricohjpn) media to burn with …

And from some weeks ago everythin i burn has a very high peek in k-probe at the ending. I asked ad speedlabs forum and they say it is the media.
but I have peeks about 600 to 1200 at the end.

I took a new burner from a friend of mine Lite-On soh812s
and burned with same media, and has also an peek at the ending, but that peek is max 180.

Also when i start k-prob test with a dvd burned with my burner it starts arround 120 and with the soh812s burned dvd it starts about 5
and only on the ending it goes up.

So I’m wondering if my burner is defect or is there something to do about it ?

notice : i have tried a zebramod with flashing firmware to ldw-811s and some time later flashed back to ldw-411s

Sounds like a media problem if both drives peak off at the end. This is a fairly common type of media defect.

But the lite-on soh812s peaks to 180 and my ldw-411s peaks to 600/1200
that’s quote a diffrent.
the soh812s is readable , mine ldw-411s production not!

Ofcourse i know it’s a media problem, cause otherwise it should be the whole dvd with high peaks, but the incredible high ending makes me worry because i think it would be with other dvd’s too (gonna test that tomorrow)

a suggestion: there has been quite a bit of talk that the liteon eeprom “learns” from burns (in your case it seems to have unlearned) as there is a change to the eeprom each and every burn.

i believe one of the codes (king i think) was able to cure some burning problems by backflashing the eeprom on his to a time prior to when it had a problem.

if you still have your 411 eeprom from the @811 upgrade reflash it back to the drive and see if that changes anything.

also unless you are scanning from the same drive realize that there can be a huge difference in the error counts for the same disc.

sorry you are having problems!

i have reflashed the drive with the oriiginal 411 eprom.
i have tested the burns with the drives it was burned with
so tested my 411 burns with the 411
and the 812-soh burns with the 812-soh burner …

nope not what i was suggesting. each burner will have different error tolerance when scanning so you need to test both discs in one of the drives. and then compare the scans.

that way you have a drive with the same error tolerance scanning both discs and they are more comparable.

Ahh now i understand :):slight_smile:

so how do the scans look when done in the same drive? more comparable?
what are the pi/pos when both are scanned in the 411 and when both are scanned in the 812?

i have flashed my drive back to an 811s
cause i haven’t got time to look the burns at same drive…

but now pi/po are good, when i start the scan pi/po are arround 8 / 10
and on the end it still goed up but that’s the media i think …

so my next mission is to find good media which i can always trust on (which is a hard thing)