Strange Lite-On 52246S Problem



I own a Lite-On 52246S CD-RW Drive, and I have a very strange problem. The drive can read CD-ROMs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs at full speed without any problems, but it fails to burn CDs at more than 40x speed. It’s a strange problem, because it seems that when it reaches 40x speed during recording, it suddenly spins down causing a bad unrecoverable sector in that point, then the recording proceeds at 16x. So, the resulting CD will have a single unrecoverable bad sector. I bought a new drive, precisely an excellent BENQ 52x32x drive, but that Lite-On problem still bothers me. Can somebody help me?


Have you tried the drive in another computer, and have you updated the drive with the latest firmware?


try other media brand maybe your liteon dont like that one , also im not sure but it might be related to dma see this guide click here also check dma settings in bios make sure its set to auto


It seems I solved the problem by using an utility that fixes the Lite-On Flash Utility so I can upload the latest firmware onto my OEM drive, so I did and now it works!