Strange lines in CD after burning


I have just burnt some white top CDs after printing on them using my Epson 210 and for the firest time I am seeing strange crack like lines eminating from the middle out towards the outer rim like a ‘sun’ effect.

The CDs play okay so far in the players I have tested them in, but would like to know more about this if oddible.

The CDS are for sale so don’t want purchasers having problems with them.

Is this a warranty problem, or my LiteOn 40x12x48 CDRW burner?


Oz :confused:

Could be a media quality related problem, but as long as the cd is readable, there is nothing really wrong.

it is much better to burn first then print to avoid getting dust and scratches on the disk before it is burnt (when it is more vulnerable)

This could be causing the lines since where ever there are contaminants on the data surface before recording the laser will not be able to reach the dye