Strange line on Burned Verbatim 16x DVD-R

Hello all,

Strange thing happening on my pc. I just received a stock of Verbatim DVD-R AZO 16x, I burned them successfully on Pioneer DVDR-110D. (max speed used)

Yesterday it happened to get a write error on DVD Decrypter ( and I had to trash the DVD.
Checking the other recently burned DVDs in the day (that played well into a DVD player) I noticed a radial line in all of them (pls see picture).

Any other DVD-R burned later showed the same line (and played OK)
(no errors on DVD Decrypter)

After a PC reboot, I buned other DVD-R and the line did not appear on these.
(recording process and playing on DVD player OK) (also recorded at max speed)

Anyone can explain this to me? What is this line? Will the DVDs be safe and
will play well in time or they are ruined and I have to trash them?

Thanks a lot


PS. PC is PIV 2.4 - 2Gig RAM - WIN XP SP2

Updated DVD-R firmware to latest 1.39 (was 1.37)
Another DVD-R Burned with even longer line, 100% verified from DVD Decrypter OK.
Tried to burn the same image with Nero 7, no line this time.




Probably a defect in that batch of discs. Simple to check, try a different brand disc and check for the same mark.

When reading the disc back, the errors on the disc will be corrected with CRC’s. In theory there’s enough CRC’s in a track on a DVD to fix 6mm of data errors.

All the same, for the price of a few DVDR’s, I’d throw them away and buy some new. Just don’t go buying the same brand+model from the same shop as you will probably get the same batch.

And drop your burn speed to 12X. These MCC 03RG20 discs do not do well at 16X on any burner I have tried.

It is NOT the Media.

I upgraded the motherboard bios, reinstalled all and now no more lines from the same batch.

Please, any deeper analysis?

I am available to send a DVD if somebody is interested to analyze it. I have to throw them in garbage anyway



I have no such problems here. :-x

that’s the GURU answer I was waiting for


It could be anything, even if you won’t believe that. lol