Strange license agreement on Alcohol writer software

A part of Alcohol’s license agreement :


The License Agreement will be terminated on 31st of December 2030. E-Soft Computer Co., Ltd. may terminate this License Agreement if users fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this License Agreement. In such event, users have to destroy all copies of The Product and all its component parts. This applies to demonstration versions as well.


So , if i buy a copy of Alcohol software , my license ends on the 31st of Decemeber of 2030. But i only have to destroy my copy if i fail to comply of the license agreement.

Does this mean i am not bound by the license agreement of my purchased copy/license , so that i can give it away , copy it , starting of January 1st 2031 ?

Does this mean i am bound to destroy my copy/licens on January 1st 2031 , even if i did live by the rules of the license agreement ?

Does this mean i can do the hell whatever i want with my copy/license starting January 1st 2031 ?

Yes , i know it’s a little while till it’s 2030 :slight_smile:

/me thinks Mr. Belvedere is often bored at work :slight_smile:

I understand your post is based on principle more than any practical one. Considering that 2030 is 28 yrs from now, would you be upset that a license for some software you have been using since 1974 expired today and you had to destroy all copies of it?

/me thinks whoever wrote that license agreement was bored at work… :slight_smile:

Another thing is… what if i forget that… could i get a lawsuit because i forgot i once had a copy of the program 28 years ago ?

Actually i wasn’t bored at work at that time , but just came back after having several meetings and had to get some rest , and coffee :slight_smile:

I’m going to be the first one to call the cops on you in 28 years from now…[marking calender] hehe

The only way they could even try to prosecute you is if you refused to destroy the software at their request. I don’t think any judge in any country any where would actually convict you on such a stupid issue. U.S. judges get quite annoyed w/frivilous law suits…and we have plenty of them here.

28 years ago in 1974, pong would have been very new or not even out yet…imagine what the games will look like 28 yrs from now!!:eek:

In 30 years alcohol software probably won’t still exist , so this agreement is useless!

In some countries crimes are deleted after the passing of 20 years.

So if you do something elligal today , in 20 years when they will find you , you’ll still be innocent :slight_smile:

…eeehhrr?Do you really think you will be able to remember that when you passed your 80´s in 28 years from now on I mean?

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Since you apparently like to split hairs, I
recommend this generic EULA workaround :slight_smile:

Originally posted by spath
Since you apparently like to split hairs, I
recommend this generic EULA workaround :slight_smile:

Nice trick :slight_smile:

I think that in 28 years, everyone is gonna be on trying to figure out how to copy the latest safecube protection from macrothought that the latest game on Lightcube is protected by. “Alcohol” will be totally obsolete, just like the cd. Only grandaddys will remember the cd and will swear that the music always sounded so much better on cd, than on light cube.