Strange licence re-enforcement

A friend of mine report me a “strange” licence enforcement in CopyToDVD 3.0.42, just after the new v3.0.41 was sending informations to VSO…

Very strange… :bigsmile: lol !

Media and hardware statistics :

In order to improve the quality of our software, and to establish a chart
of good media based on real world experience on a wide range,
we collect media and harware information.

Participation in this program is free, anonymous, and optionnal.
It requires an internet connection.

  • If the user refuses to participate, no information is sent

  • If the user accept to participate, a small block of information
    is posted at completion of each burning sequence.

The informations sent are very small and no noticeable impact
on system performance

This is what your talking about and it has nothing to do with the thread title at all, it’s a database collection for media and writers. No personal information is gathered. You are given the oppotunity to opt out at install, your friend should have read a little closer. If your friend doesn’t like it then disable it. Open copytodvd then tools, settings, copy todvd settings, media statistics tab, and at the bottom untick the Allow VSO box, and it won’t send anything at all, simple fix, nothing to do with the thread title at all.

VSO is free to implement a new licence control scheme.
But I didn’t see it in the changelog for 3.0.52 and 53.

>>simple fix, nothing to do with the thread title at all.
Simple fix, for sure…

Changelog :

CopyToDVD 3.0.53

- compiled with Delphi 2005
- UDF read improved
- UDF write improved for W2K compatibility ( with warning in the log )
- media stats database connection v2
- various translations updated
- new vso eraser with a better DVD+RW support

CopyToDVD 3.0.52
- update some translations.
- add a new option to create iso files without interface pop up ( command line SDK )
- ejection code improved

CopyToDVD 3.0.48
- fix a problem with old drive such sony 500 and sony 510
- fix a problem with .iso
- introduce a new option to collect stats from the burn ( sent by internet http form ) see the new stats tab for more details.
- update Blindwrite/CopyToDVD version with stats too.

If you would had gone just a couple version’s further back you would have found it in the changelog, It was also a pop-up during install, nothing secret about it.

You keep saying it is a license control scheme when it clearly isn’t, It has nothing to do with licensing at all, but yet you keep inferring that it does, it doesn’t.

I simply say that 3.0.52 introduce a new licence control scheme and that’s true. It does. You didn’t know it ?

Simply verify with your friend @ VSO : an “illegal” key working in 3.0.51 doesn’t work anymore with 3.0.52 and 53. And there’s nothing in the changelog about that…

Simply verify with your friend @ VSO : an “illegal” key working in 3.0.51 doesn’t work anymore with 3.0.52 and 53. And there’s nothing in the changelog about that…
And like any other application whether it be Microsoft, Adobe, or any other that requires a key, they all administratively black list keys that can be found in wide use on the net or even generated for that matter, this is nothing new. Why should you be warned of an administrative blacklist, if your using an illegal key then you shouldn’t be using the application in the first place. At least there isn’t a product activation scheme in place.

it is not new, we always applied this black listing policy, why we need to discuss about illegal keys who would not work ?
the same for the refunds, the chargeback etc…
there is definitly not new, and we don’t have to warn in the change log, because every release can be updated with the blacklisting key.
And if you complain one more time, we will implement a internet activation server…

No you won’t! I dare you! :cool:

O ! o ! o ! Was I complaining whitout knowing it :bigsmile:
I will tell my friends about your answers, shall I say threatens :stuck_out_tongue:
(They all start to use free ISO writing tool, as I tell them not to use illegal keys and that DVDDecrypter or CD-DVD Speed 3.80 can do the job very well for free)

Good luck and have a nice programming time with Delphi :bigsmile: