Strange KProbe Issue

I hope this is the right thread.

I have two identical Sony DW-U18A drives, both currently flashed to the SOHW-832S CGB3 Firmware. I was perplexed that all my KProbe scans were coming out poor, when I realized that the other drive (in another computer) was giving me different, better results with the same discs.

After looking into it further, I determinded that my media was fine, and that one of the Sony drives is simply not scanning accurately. I determined this by scanning discs that were burned on my other drives (Sony DRU-510A and a NEC ND-2510A) on both 832s and comparing the results.

For instance, one disc got a PI Max of 12 and a PIF of 4 on the drive I believe is okay, and on the other the PI Max was 630. Thats a big difference. The drive in question reads discs okay, and it burns discs fine (scanning them on the good drive). Has anyone heard of one of these drives simply not scanning correctly? I am using KProbe 2.4.2 on both computers, with identical settings, and I get similar results using the Nero tool as well.

Ive read that some 812s dont like 832 F\W maybe you have 1 sony that likes being a 832 and 1 that does not.

sorry cant be anymore helpful, you`ll probley get a full and correct answer soon.

The quickest way to prove that one of the drives is faultly, would be to swap the two drives and see if the problem follows the drive.

acko, I tried flashing back to the Sony firmware, there was no difference in the scans. The drive burns discs fine, and reads discs fine, it just scans bad. Wierd. Also, I had the good drive in the same computer as the bad one (at one point) and there was no issue then.

Edit: Okay, to clarify, what I meant to say was that the good drive used to be in the same computer as the drive that scans badly, and there was no problem with that drive on that computer, so it does appear to be a problem specific to the one drive.

does it still scan bad with cd/dvd speed?

Yes, scans are still bad with CD/DVD speed.

CD Lens cleaner?