Strange issue wth LiteON 20A1P

Helo guys,
i purchased a liteon 20a1p almost 6 months ago. since then no problem wth it.
but recently i can see some strange issue wth it. while i go to the “Choose Recorder Option” i can see there r two option named Smart-Burn. both of them r checked. i want to know does the both options need to be enabled. take a look at my attached pic.

Hi :slight_smile:
I have just checked my setup & Nero’s detection of SmartBurn.
I assume that one tells you the default of the drive & the other is what the s/w setting is.

so is it safe to keep both of them checked?

Hi :slight_smile:
If you use SmartBurn, then yes.
If you don’t then uncheck both.

oh yes i prefer to use Smart-Burn. and thanks a lot 4 all ur assistance.