Strange internet problems

I’ve been having this weird problem for 2 days now. In short, browsers often just refuse to load pages. Everything will work fine for a while, then nothing will load except google or hotmail (but it won’t search/let me log in), everything other site will just not work, whether it’ll say waiting for response or show a page cannot be displayed error. It happens on both IE and firefox.

It’s not that my internet is down either, my computer downstairs can still browse the web and I can still use AIM or run torrents on this one, it’s just websites that don’t work. This has even continued after a format! Doesn’t seem to be my router’s port, I tried my other computer on that port and it worked fine, and I don’t see how it could work with aim and just not web pages anyway, and only some of the time. Next step is try a different network card I guess, I don’t understand it at all, so if anybody could help me out I’d really appreciate it.

Luckily, it’s working right now. Don’t break on me.

check for aspi with nero info tool, I had both system and nero aspi installed and had the same problem. I reinstalled xp to fix the problem.

Looks like I’ll have to ressurect this post.

I really don’t understand this, there is no logical reason for it. I have since started using a different, and WIRELESS router, and have reinstalled windows twice, and this problem keeps coming back.

Does anybody have any idea what is causing this? even on different versions of XP I get this problem. And the other computer can always access the internet when mine won’t, and I can still use AIM! Just the browser won’t find pages for some reason. This isn’t a constant problem, but it seems to start all at once and then only go away occasionally.

In short, WTF? Any advice will be appreciated. Changing aspi hasn’t helped me either.

That’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard :eek:

Yeah, I didn’t see how aspi would have anything to do with a web browser. And I definitely don’t see the reason in even checking if the end solution was to reinstall xp anyway.

most of the time cleaning your cache and cookies does the trick usually if that doesnt work it could be an isp issue

I agree.

Scan for spyware, empty your browser cache/cookies, try a completely different browser. If nothing works, contact your ISP and tell them the issue. It could even be a firewall problem.

Try firefox it works great

mangy, had any luck yet.

A fresh install of XP cleared it up, as it has before, It’s been ok for a week but who knows for how long it’ll keep working. It seems to reoccur after about a month from when I reinstall, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Spyware/cookies/cache I’ve always kept clear, so that wasn’t the issue. I’m starting to think it’s just Comcast having trouble every once in a while, so next time it acts up I’ll just wait a while.

Thanks for the suggestions and everything. I’ve been away from the forum lately. It’s a shame too, this is one of the few forums I go to that is actually pleasant more often than not.