Strange InCD Problem



I am facing a very strange problem.
I am running Pentium 3, 450 Mhz, 256 Mb Ram with Windows 2000 freshly installed including SP-2.

Also my CDRW drive is on the InCD campatible list (Smart & Friendly Turbo Writer RW 6424)
Several days ago I installed The Nero Demo version 5.5.24 and it works very nice.

A couple days later I installed InCD version 2.24 and rebooted.

When I put in a brand NEW CD-RW I got this message:
“InCD.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.
you will need to restart the program.
an error log is being created.”

I can not get InCD to work in any way or manner.
Today I updated to InCD version 2.26. unfortunaely it did NOT help.
I scanned all the audio And related forums I know. this kind of error is not reported anywhere as far as I could see.

Any help is appreciated.



Remove all Nero software and reïnstall it…


I did. No change.
I even went to safe Mode, uninstalled it there, rebooted.
Killed almost anything in the background (cntrl-alt-del), reinstalled.



It is crashing most likely due to a conflict with another program/software. Have you checked your system logs, since you said you run Windows2000 which has a good logging system where it keeps track of any crashes or other errors.

The error you are getting on your screen is only a message that it will be closed, in the system logs you might find more information about the cause. With the Microsoft help system (knowledgebase on the internet might be of help as well in this matter) you can perhaps get a better indication why this is happening.

Beause you said you have checked a lot of other forums as well, it my probably be redundant to say, but I assume you don’t have DirectCD from Roxio installed on your system, this is a program that causes a lot of crashes and have a great personal dislike for.


Thanks for the help Da_Taxman.

What can I say. there are no previous prog’s installed because it’s a freshly installed Win2000.
Not to mention I have a dislike for Adaptec/Roxio as well.



If it is a fresh install it is weird that InCD crashes, especially if it is the latest version.

Have you checked your logs yet, what do they say. Perhaps people here can help you search for this solution, but for that we probably need more info (the better you describe your problem and error messages, the better we can try to help)