Strange graphedit problems

so far, i hadn’t any problems with graphedit … now i cannot extract audio from vobs anymore - everytime i insert the “i-media mutiple mpeg2 source”-filter and choose a vob file i get a message of the following kind:

the size of <vobfile> is <filesize>. this seems to be no script file. open ? yes/no

when i open the vob anyway then a message box pops up and says there occured an error 0x80004005.
i reregistered all filters and tried different vob files from different movies without success. does someone know how to avoid this error ?

peace, iLUVATAR

Graphedit sucks… I had the same problems and couldn’t fix them.
I advise you to switch to DVD2AVI for ripping the audio. It’s easier and I never had any problems with it… For more info go to


The problem is that if you’re just using a single .vob file you shouldn’t use the “I-media multiple mpeg2 source” filter, you should use the “File source (Async.)” filter…use the “I-media multiple mpeg2 source” for .lst files, which point to multiple .vob’s (hence the name of the filter)

To make a .lst:
1)Make a new Text file
2)in the file write:



etc until you’ve listed all the vobs that link up (drive and folder can be different)

  1. Save As whateveryouwant.lst

Then you can use that with the “I-media multiple mpeg2 source” filter

Could also use BeSweet with the VOB source plugin to directly encode the audio from the VOB to whatever you like; ac3, aac, mp3, ogg, etc.