Strange goings on with my 109 s

i have 2x 109 drives in different machines 1x xp2000 and 1x p4-2.8GHZ

both drives write cdr / cdrw and dvd +r fine BUT dvd-r cannot be read in any other drive but a dvd burner. (any dvd burner)

a straight reader type displays the message, disk may be corrupt or invalid file system.

now for the strange bit…

insert the disk in a drive that cant read it,

then open nero (or any other) dvd media interigator, and choose the drive with the so-called corrupt disk in, it says 1 track, however many files and folders etc and gives a correct reading of data stored on disk, although the disk is flaged in RAW mode.

the same disk will read, play movie in any set top type dvd player, and also a philips and a sony set top dvd recorder.

how do i get the drive to make good (read in and pc drive ) burns on -r disks

any help appreciated.

have not flashed them yet although, they did come with a piece of paper saying they had been done in factory and stating revised compatibility and speeds.


I have a very similar problem. I have only got -R/-RW blanks and they will not read any where else but in the A09, I get the corrupt disc error. Also like you I can interrogate the disk and can get some limited info via Nero. The only solution I have found is to use RecordNow 4.5. Unfortuntely it’s a demo copy and will time out about 25 days so I hope a solution comes along soon.


have now updated firmware on 1 drive to 1.17 they were both 1.05.

but still no change.

will download the sonic package and try that!

This has been discussed at great length in other threads…

RecordNow Max 4.5 with some additional dlls works…

I had Major problems with DVD-R and Nero 6 for many weeks, until last week I completely removed it and installed Nero Now it works fine…
I had previoulsy been unable to read any burned DVD-R disks in my Lite-On DVDROm, but they read OK on my settop box.

I’m on Nero and mine also read fine

You may want to try this firmware…

have flashed with the later 1.4 firmware and problem solved. now reads on the normal drives too… hoooray