Strange firmware version on new SOHW-812S


just got my new LiteOn SOHW-812S. It’s a black bulk version manufactured in April 2004. What’s strange about it is the firmware version… it came with firmware UGS3 (dated 2004-02-25). Tried to flash it with the US0N ( from the liteon-site), but that didn’t work. The flasher brought up a message stating “No matched drive detected! This utility is only for LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S. Detected drives: 0-0-0-0 M:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-812S UGS3” :confused:

could flash it in the meantime with the “US0N - stock” firmware from the codeguys website. the drive seems to work fine with it (didn’t do any dvd-recording yet)

has anybody else got a drive with the UGS3 firmware? could the drive be a somewhat crippled version of the 812s (should I return it)?

It’s just an OEM drive. This particular black OEM was probably intended for Gateway. Liteon doesn’t release firmwares for drives sold to OEM’s as Liteon is not authorized to do so. Only the OEM’s should release firmwares for their products.

If you made a backup before flashing, please send it to me…

it was sold as LiteOn (although that doesn’t mean anything), it says LiteOn SOHW-812S on the label, and even with the UGS3 firmware it identified itself as LiteOn SOHW-812S (in BIOS and device manager), no sign of gateway or sony… but i guess you are right, it has to be an OEM drive…

regarding a backup of the UGS3 firmware: didn’t backup it, as it seemed pretty old (2004-02-25), sorry :o

thx for your reply…

PS: the drive is also lacking a headphone plug and a volume control (according to the pictures on the liteon website the 812S should have those), the front panel is completely flat and doesn’t show the “typical convexity” of the tray the liteon drives usually have

Your drive did not come in a retail Liteon box so it is OEM. The retail 812S does have a headhpone jack and volume control wheel. Your drive was intended to be used in Gateway computers and probably would have been covered up by some fancy panel on the case. Gateway would have no need for a headphone jack on a drive that was covered up by a panel. The drive is a SOHW-812S, but it is customized for an OEM customer’s needs.

Seeing this thread made me wonder if the Pacific Digital 8x8 DVD burner that I just bought (haven’t opened the box) and am told by Pacific Digital’s technical support is an 812S will have a Pacific Digital tailored firmware in it.

Will I be able to use the firmwares listed at page such as USON or USOQ? And be able to do the OmniPatcher tweaks and eventually do the overclocking/crossflashing to an 832S?

How do I tell what version of firmware is in my Pacific Digital drive?

Would my drive be considered a SOHW - 812S?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Usually something like nero infotool will tell you the firmware version. I think pretty much every util now does. I wonder if these older firmwares are able to burn -R media @ 4X… I know US0F and up does not seem to work on some -R’s @ 4X and actually kills the media.

it should work if its really a liteon.

Thank you for the replies to my question. So just to make sure I understand, when I open the Pacific Digital box and inspect the drive and if it’s a Lite-On 812S, I should be able to use OmniPatcher and the firmwares listed on site, regardless if the drive comes with some Pacific Digital-tailored firmware? I should be able to overwrite that Pacific Digital firmware with, say, USON - stock or USOQ - stock, and OmniPatcher? Thanks again for the help!