Strange Firmware version NEC ND-7550A

I’ve bought a ND-7550A and was looking for an RPC1 firmware on Liggy’s website. The Firmware version numbers there are quite different to what I have got. My drive is shown as “_NEC DVD_RW ND-7550A K072”. Could someone shed some light on the firmware naming conventions and recommend a RPC1 firmware to use. Any help would be very much appreciated.



Could you please upload this firmware? You should be able to use any master firmware. In case you need a slave firmware, Binflash should complain when you try to flash.

Normally the Kxxx firmwares are beta firmares from NEC itself. Did you buy this drive at a normal vendor?


Hope the firmware upload worked! Will try and flash a RPC1 firmware. NecWindump would not recognise the firmware as valid NEC firmware and didn’t show the media strategies.


Bought the drive from a shop which specialises in laptop batteries and accessories. Drive came in a brown corrugated cardboard box and it was the drive only.

Unfortunately it did not. I’ll PM you my email address. You can send the file to this address then.

I have no idea why it did not work. Maybe I need to check the behaviour if cookies are not set. Did you get an “uploaded successfully” message?