Strange! firmware and burner model mismatched?



Hi, the model of the DVD-burner comes with my HP pc is HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-H21L W515, and I think the w515 refers to its firmware version.

some days ago, I just let my dvd-burner read a DVD video disc which has not been read sucessfully in many other dvd-rom drives or dvd-burners. then my dvd-burners keep reading all the time and the system was frozen. I had to shut down the power.

now I encounter a problem, the dvd-burner seems can only burn at 1X speed, despite of the setting speed of the burning tools, BTW I use nero 7. the time used before for burning a DVD at 8X speed is about 10 minutes, now the time is more then 40 minutes. I have observed the status light of the burner, it does not always keep on as before, now it will light on for a while then off for a while and on and off… something like a buffer underrun, but I’m sure it’s not due to buffer underrun. I have burned some cd-rs, and the speed is correct.

then I want to do something to its firmware. but to my surprise, all the firmware modulating tools tell that no target device found or model mismatched. HP’s offical site has a update for model gsa-h21l, but the firmwire version is L702, the correspinding updating tool can’t find target device either. strange!!!

has anyone encountered such a model? what can I do to my burner?

thanks in advance.


just did another test. the simulation dvd burning speed is not correct either.

well, just find that Nero has an option to show the true speed while burning. OMG, it’s 1X!!!


by search the set, find the method to solve the burning speed. the access mode of the burner was PIO, after change to DMA, the speed is correct.

then I still want to know anyone has used such a model?