Strange Errors With Plextor 712A

I’m hoping that someone can enlighten me as regards the following graphs. I have just recorded 2 CDs in Win 98SE (I’m normally in Win XP Pro but I’m trying to solve a lock-up problem with my 712a). The CDs contained completely different data but both were approx. 693MB in size.

I burned these with PlexTools 2.15 and used Maxell 48x CD-Rs burned at 32x (these particular ones are not in the Plextor approved media list BTW). The striking thing about these graphs, apart from the number of C2 errors, is the similar positioning of the last 2 groupings of errors.

It’s worth mentioning that when I was burning these CDs I noticed the drive buffer icon go red a few times when burning the 2nd CD (I guess buffer underrun was kicking in there), although I didn’t look at the screen when I burned the 1st CD.

Anyway, does anyone have any idea what may have caused the large number of C2 errors and their similar positioning?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem with 700mb verbatim DataLifePlus 1-32x cdr’s. I checked plextors list, and sure enough, it wasn’t on the list. I bought some other media that was on the list, and my problems were solved. Though I am sending back my drive back for RMA on monday, because of DVD burning problems.

Buy approved media!

Good Luck!

Hey Skith, very kind of you to reply.

I was worried that I had a faulty drive. I didn’t know the drive was this picky.

I haven’t had any DVDs to burn yet but I’m ordering some Plextor recommended Verbatim DVD+RWs. I hope I’ll be OK.

Anyway, these Maxells were bought a while ago (I’ve only had the Plextor for a few weeks) so I figured I’d try them. The data on these discs reads off OK so I’m not sure what to do with them. Is is best to throw CD’s with this many C2 errors?