Strange "Error"?

Hi there,
can someone give me a hint what the problem could be?
I hope the picture is big enough to see what I mean.
Movie is “Anger Management” RC2, I´m using AnyDVD and CloneDVD



the message is “TC 11 0 PictureReader”

I got this error in an early beta. I think it’s a badly mastered DVD. Hang out for a while, Armin will be along to explain it.

Yes, it is an mpeg video stream error and the error is shown when using the previewer. Just ignore it and continue cloning, the transcoding engine is capable of handling invalid mpeg streams (it simply remuxes the GOPs containing invalid encoded frames).

Thank you for your report. The next version of CloneDVD will show a blank picture instead of an error when the previewer detects an invalid encoded mpeg frame.