Strange error with self-written program



For the first time in my live, I developed a VB.NET program with Visual studio.NET 2003. This program works like it should, except for when I run it from a network disk (share). The following error shows:

Some data:

  • program works ok on 2000 and XP when started from local harddisk
  • program doens’t work from any network share (be it a Windows or Linux/Apache one)
  • program is only one .exe file, the only depency is an installed .NET framework (all Windows PC have this)
  • program doesn’t show any errors/warnings when compiling
  • the only system calls that are used are from the .NET standard classes, no fancy stuff or whatsoever…

If anybody can resolve this (minor) issue… please!! Thanx in avance!


I dunno if it needs extra settings/configurations/programs after compiling. Perhaps you’d need to give the executable some paths on where to find the required .NET dll files when you’re trying to run it from a shared drive ?


Thanx Mr. B :slight_smile:

I figured out what the problem was: if you want to run a .NET from a share, you have to set the program to a “safe assembly” so it can be run.

Who said that Linux isn’t user friendly?