Strange error with dvd2one

I’ve discovered a strange error after I transcoded with d2o.
Usually I burn the movie (to sony dru-500a) with CopyTodvd at once (marked in d2o). And the dvd (RiteK G04) plays well in my stand alone player. But when I try to copy this dvd with nero (copy dvd on the fly) this burned dvd has an error an it hangs nearly at the last third of the dvd.
To get an error-free copy, I ripped the transcoded dvd with dvd-decrypter (normal copy was not successful) to the harddisk, but at the end of the ripping process the latest vob-file (385 kb) cannot be ripped and the decrypter hangs.

What is the cause of this error? This happens not with every transcode dvd but I discovered it with nearly a third of my compressed videos. Does that mean, you cannot make a copy of your transcoded dvd? Need help.


Hello copy your(dvd2one) dvd files to hd and burn them.
I had the same problem and now i can make copies zero problems.:wink:

paste and copy to the harddisk failed - ripping the transcoded dvd with smartripper or dvd-decrypter succeeded, but they hang every times in the last vob-file. Is this dvd2one that causes the error or CopyToDvd or the sony dru-500a?

Since DVD2one does not do any of the burning it self i think it’s pretty safe to rule that out.

I suspect something with the media/drive combination.

Try dragging the suspect .vob file to your desktop and see whether Windows can read the file.
If you get a read error (cyclic redundancy check) then the file is corrupt and nothing will read it.

What version of DVD Decrypter & Dvd20ne are you using ?

Ok the last vob-file is corrupt and windows cannot read it. It happens with the transcoded dvd (burned with CopyToDVD).
I use dvdDecrypter 3.1.6 and dvd2one Ver. 1.1.3


Ok, so the file(s) somehow became corrupted during the initial burning stage, or have been damaged, in some way since
I am a little surprised that they play ok in your Standalone Player, but maybe it has good error correction.
Out of interest, do the disks play ok with your PC Player software ?.

There isn’t much you can do about the disks. If they are corrupt, that’s it.

It could just have been a bad batch of disks , unless you have had the same problem with different brands, of course.