Strange error - time to trash this drive?

Hello, I’ve been having a strange problem the past couple weeks with an HP drive (HP CD-Writer+ 9900 to be exact). A while after I purchased this drive (3 or 4 months I think) the drive, it lost the ability to read any DVD disc. Everything else worked just fine (reading CDs, including recorded media) and writing. However, a few weeks ago it seemed to lose all ability to write CDs. I have since tried just about every piece of burning software to try and get it writing again (nero, CloneCD, CDRWIN, etc - all latest versions) with no results.

Now, last night I was cleaning off my HD and removed a couple of burning programs (CDRWin and CloneCD). After I did this I was able to write a small test disc of about 16MB on a rewritable (10x speed) which worked fine. I thought that the problem was solved. Unfortunately it has not written a disc since :frowning:

But here is what makes this problem strange. Every single burning application acts just as it should when burning - and in fact they all show that the burn is complete. However, reinserting the disc or switching on the verify option in Nero shows that it is EMPTY! Also the drive seems to have no problem at all erasing a CDRW :confused:

So, what do you think? Should I just ditch this drive? It seems to have performed fairly well in the past - despite the problem with reading DVDs - and I really don’t have the money to buy a new one just yet. I am running Windows XP pro if you think this may help.

Thanks for any replies or insight

Make sure you didn’t turned on write simulation.

Originally posted by Stoner
Make sure you didn’t turned on write simulation.

I really wish it were something as simple as that :slight_smile: I don’t usually use simulation anyway as its proven to be a waste of time on many occasions. I do have to admit though that the drive is acting exactly as if simulation were enabled, but for example Nero reports burn process completed successfuly but is unable to mount the recorded media for verification.