Strange error on LG DVD burner



Hi folks ! This is my first post in cdfreaks forum, please don’t kill me at the begining.

I have DVD-RW LG GSA-H10N at home and GSA-4167B at work. Yeasterday I bought my first DVD-RAM medium Verbatim 3x certified 4,7GB CPRM ready. I have no experiences with dvd-rams, that’s why I have to ask you a few questions. I read some pages searched via google, but I didn’t found what I was actually looked for.

Hmm, on gsa-h10n I have formated medium using no drivers for dvd drive with FAT32. After that I tryed Nero Incd from nero 7. Problem is that I cannot format this medium using Incd. It displays only " No rewritable disc in drive "! In explorer I can write and delete files but I cannot format medium.

where’s the problem ?

This happens on both devices.

Configuration: Windows XP SP2, Nero 7, all dvd-rws had last firmware. :bow: