Strange DVDR75 Problem W/8X Discs?

I have developed a strange problem with my DVDR75. It seems to have started when I ran out of 4X dvds and started recording with 8X dvds. If I was making a copy of a 2 hour movie, I used to be able to set the recorder for 2 hours and start the recoding and go to bed. After 2 hours, the R75 would get to the end of the disc and power itself off. In the morning I could turn it back on and finalize the disc and everything was good. That may not have been a good thing to do, but it always worked. Now, with 8X discs, after powering itself off, in the morning, the R75 says empty disc and I can’t use the disc again. Is this a developing problem with my R75 or does it have something to do with the new 8X discs? It doesn’t matter what brand I use. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Are you getting ‘No disc’ or Empty disc’ with other, previously successful recordings, or ‘Disc error’ whilst recording on lower speed media?

If not, it may be that you need a firmware update to use the higher speed discs. Have you ever done this before, or do you know what your current firmware version is?

Hi, thanks for responding. I’ve never updated my firmware, but, I’ve never had a problem before now. And even now, it’s not a huge problem, just a strange one. The recorder is great except for this one thing. It’s just wierd that it’s something I used to be able to do, and now I can’t. The only change is the 8X DVDs. I don’t think it’s compatibility issue because as long as I stop the recorder before it gets to end of disc, it’s fine.