Strange dvd+rw burning problem

I do alot of recording of synthesizers and other sounds and then i need to back them up (data disk) on to dvd+rw so i can later do more editing when needed and then re-burn to dvd+rw.
I am having a very strange problem with my asus z96j laptop not being able to burn dvd+rw without data verification test errors.
The first time i burn to a dvd+RW, it works fine with no data verification errors (i have been using VSO inspector to test data after being burned). When i erase the dvd+rw and re-burn data to it, the burn completes successfully, but when i then test the disc with VSO inspector, i get errors every time. The strangest part is that when i take the same disk and the same data and put it on my older desktop computer and burn it (with same version of nero), there are no data verification errors !
I have tried 2 different versions of nero express on my laptop and still have the same problem. I have uninstalled/re-installed nero and still have the same problem. I am using Memorex DVD+RW disks which i know are probobly not great quality, but the same problematic disks burn fine on my other machine !
I have been wasting SO much of my valuable time trying to figure this out. I have researched all over but can not find anyone with mention of same problem. Could someone please help ?

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There are two main problems. As a general rule, rewritable media are not completely reliable, and moreover, Memorex branded discs are not the very best available in the market.

If you need a reliable rewritable solution, there are two main solutions: a RAM disc (that requires a proper burner because not all drives are able to write on RAM discs), or an external hard drive (the best solution; a 2.5" HDD can be found at a reasonably cheap price).

Thanks for your reply. I guess i am going to just give up on everything, or i guess i will have to buy a bunch of hard drives…
I meant to say i am using maxell dvd+rw, not memorex.
Before reading this forum, i was under the impression that cd/dvd burners exist because they work for storing data. I guess they do not work though !
Either way, according to all of the many issues i have read on this forum, it seems that a person can not EVER trust a cd/dvd burned data disk, no matter what.
I really wonder how all these companies can get away with selling defective products & technology all the time. If i can not trust my important data on a cd or a dvd, how can they sell this technology???
So, the only way to trust that my data will not go bad is to have a bunch of hard drives and basically 2 copies of each one ?
I have completely had it with computers now…I really want to give up on using them unless i have to…
And, reading this forum has made me completely paranoid that all of my lifes work which is backed on a bunch of cd’s/dvd’s’dvd-rw’s is going to be corrupt or degraded somehow…
That’s another thing, if i can copy the data back onto the hard drive from a disk, how can it be “degraded” ? If this is true, then cd/dvd burners are useless for anything important.
Who has time to constantly be testing and re-burning their disks , seriously !?

Too bad at the momnent the best durable way to store data is the stone (pyramids are still there after thousands of years ;))

Optical discs are not totally unreliable however. If you buy quality discs like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, you can save your data safely for many years :slight_smile:

Even hard disks are not the most reliable data storage solution, because with the time also these devices can become damaged.

If you can copy all files from the disc on a HDD, however, any data will be not degraded in any way.

The best solution to safely store your data then is to make multiple copies in different supports. So if you can afford it I suggest to buy some hard disks and a bunch of quality discs (avoid [B]rewritable[/B] media because as I said these are not fully reliable), and then make multiple copies of your data :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your time, i really appreciate it. I will just stay away from using dvd-rw’s then and try to keep to the brands you mentioned.
I still have to wonder if there is something wrong with my laptop though, since the same disks/nero version work fine with no data verification errors on my desktop computer.
Does anyone know if, in general, laptop dvd burners are just more sensitive to the brand/quality of media than desktop burners ? Is it just a known fact that i was not aware of ?

Usually laptop drives are less reliable than desktop components.

Too bad, in fact, happens often that a laptop drive fails after a short time. I don’t know the exact cause, but I heard rather frequently about slim drives failing after few months. Maybe it is an insufficient cooling of the drive, but it is only an hypothesis :slight_smile: