Strange DVD-R! Very strange!




First of all, its my first post here and please, excuse in advance for my pitiful english… :wink:

Ok, today, i have buyed one spin of 10 dvd-r branded ‘MEGAMASTER’… Good price, only 15 €…

At home, i run DVDinfo with one of theses, i see ‘MXGR01’… Wow, Maxell’s for this price, incredible… Yes, but, after a little examination of this DVD-R, i see a full circle of BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB all around the hole. with a deep examination (moving the media over a light and playing slightly with) i see ‘Development Not For Resale’, very hardly…

What’s that? Its B grade disc? I need more explanation, i never see that before with other discs (i use generally Sony, Maxell, Fuji one)…

Thanks in advance… And a really long life to cdfreaks forum and website :slight_smile:

Francois, from Belgium.