Strange DVD protection?

As far as I know, DVD ROM discs are supposed to play on every DVD player of the market, including PC DVD drives. I have an ASUS DVD drive (E616), a Plextor DVD+RW drive (504A) and a cheap standalone DVD player.
Up to now I could play every disc in market, but a specific DVD Video disc could not be read at all by the ASUS (mine and a friend’s) or had several problems with the Plextor (it locked/freezed occasionally). It played normally on the standalone player though.
The DVD was the “Catch Me If You Can” (region 2 - Europe). I noticed on the disc a couple of rings, similar to the Laserlock protection for CDs. I finally was able to rip (after 3 partial tries) the DVD and watch it from the hard disc. :frowning:
Do you know what is it all about? Is it legal to make a DVD that can’t play on PC DVD drives?

BTW: I downloaded for the occasion AnyDVD and used it with everything “on” but without result, at least for the ASUS drive.

As with CD burners, each brand of DVD burners have specific features. Like LiteOn CD burners are known for being able to burn weak sectors but not read them. Your DVD drives just may not be able to read it because the DVD is special, but it could also be the fact that it is region 2. Not sure though because I only have region 1 DVDs. Also not sure about the protection, I haven’t encountered a DVD yet that I couldn’t copy.

Try DVD Decrypter (ISO Read) - Will it read the DVD without reporting errors?
You may just have a bad disk.

Originally posted by Wild_Bill
Try DVD Decrypter (ISO Read) - Will it read the DVD without reporting errors?
You may just have a bad disk.

It’s not a bad disk issue, since my friend (with the same ASUS) tried to read another DVD with the same movie.
And about the DVD Decrypter, I don’t think that it could read the disk since the ASUS didn’t “see” it at all.

since this is more specific to a certain dvd and all the rest rad… i would try the forum or forum

maybe this disc has something weird going on but your right a dvd should read fine no matter if it is a standalone or PC

unless this is some new anti-copy dvd… that might be a possiblity but i do not think they can change much as it would be out of spec and a dvd standalone might not play it…

but since the plextor reads it… maybe it was a badly pressed dvd! did you buy it recently? is it scratched or dirty?

it sounds like a problem of a dirty dvd! or a defective one!

Siliconsoul, thanks for the info. As for the DVD, as I wrote before, two same disks (the one lended from a video club for testing) were unreadable.

that is kinda strange