Strange disc

I have a custom made DVD that has 73 seperate music videos, all the way up to VTS_73_1.VOB that no standalone player can playback.The only way i was able to play it was on the computer.All i know about this disc is that its from another country.Is the problem here the fact that it has to many videos on it or is it something else?

Almost certainly the disc is not DVD-Video compliant. You can extract the individual titles using DVD Decrypter and reauthor them to several discs.

Another thing you could use is Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5, which has a free demo but is $50 USD for the standard version.

It allows you to select which vids you want to include in a compilation, assign chapters and make menus for them.

I think you can also just combine them without menus if you want, so one will play right after the other automatically when you insert the disk.

It’s not the only solution, and it isn’t free, but it is one I’m familiar with and have found works great for me when I record like 8 or 9 TV shows on my DVD Recorder and want to make a compilation.

Good luck. :slight_smile: