Strange Disc Quality results



First of all, I am a total newbie here. Even 3 day’s ago I didn’t even know what is crossflashing, or quality scan, Thought ASUS made best burners and Nero’s Data Verification is enough to see if a burn was good.

So, when I finally got here, I thought I should try these things out, just from curiousity, started with consistancy check for my new and only burner, an ASUS DRW-24B3ST. I scanned several previously burnt discs each 5 times using Nero CD-DVD Speed I mostly had cheap fake MCC 03RG20-s made byYuedong Magnetoelectric, China as I don’t have good ones around. The consistnecy checks gave me a spread of 8-12% on PIE and 5-7% on PIF for each disc. But some of the discs gave strange results. With solid blocks of PIE over 1600 and PIF over 400 first to last. Those discs were perfectly readable, and while scanned over and over, once or twice gave reasonable results. So, I tried them on my friend’s burner, ASUS DRW-24B1ST with CD-DVD and they gave reasonable results. Then I checked them with KProbe 2.5.2 on my burner again, they every time gave good reasonable results. Then I again checked them on my burner with CD-DVD Speed on different speeds 2x-16x and except for 4x, they gave reasonable results, only at 4x, 9 out of 10 scans gave me peculiar results. Also, on these problematic discs, the reasonable results from CD-DVD Speed is not very close with KProbe results, but on good discs they are on the 12% consistency spread. Also, the percentage of these peculiar discs are increasing with more and more disc I’m trying to scan.

So, Where do I have the problem? Is it the cheap media, or a software problem or is my drive a bad apple among Lite-On rebadges? Can crossflashing my drive to Lite-On firmware solve the problem?

I’ve attathched some scans of same disc giving different results.


First off Welcome to the forums Swapnil :smiley:

I’m pretty sure you have already answered your own question(s) by saying that right there. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Is it the cheap media

Yes it is the cheap media no doubt in my mind about that.

is my drive a bad apple among Lite-On rebadges?

I’d have to say [B]no [/B] to that it more than likely isn’t your drive, as any drive and it doesn’t really matter what
brand it is, it can only do so much with crappy media to start with.

I’d have to suggest for you to see if you can get hold of some real media such as Verbatim or
maybe TY discs and not some of that fake knockoff crap and try a few burns and scans again
and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. :iagree:

Oh almost forgot to say when including images like those above save them as .png so they will display better and be easier to read.


Thank you very much for your reply. It is hard to find real Verbatim or TY around here. But I got some Moser Baer India discs and will try on them. But I did not understand why KProbe always gave reasonable results.
By the way, I did save them as png. But their resolution was high, about 1600x700. Resizing them to meet attatchment size lowered the quality. Guess I’ll resize the software window to smaller size before saving them next time.


Ok on the Nero CD/DVD Speed just click on the little icon that looks like a floppy disc right
next to the Start button on the left side and it will save it as .png and in the correct size so
no size adjustments are necessary it will be the same as the last one in your first post the
TRT scan.

Now as for KProbe I guess you’ll just have to do it the same way as before I’m not sure if it
has any way of doing the size automatically like CD/DVD Speed does it has been a long, long
time since I’ve used it.


Ok, I,ve found the problem in saving the images. I’ve maximized the window before saving which gave such high resolutions, which later resized down, became unreadable.

Now I’ve tried some Moser Baer India disks, MID: MBI 01RG40. They also gave these pequliar scanning results…again only with Nero DiscSpeed and scan speed 4x. Kprobe again gave better results. However the new discs show higher PIEs, above 160-180 on the begining of disc, and subsequently after about 1/5th, drops down to 20-40 PIEs. PIFs are low. These are Kprobe results. I have the images saved, but I’m out of my house so can’t attach them right now.

Finally I crossflashed the drive to LiteOn iHAS-524B AL27 firmware. First two scan of the same problematic DVD were good, matched with kprobe. Will post after running some more scans on some more DVDs.


don’t know if i done that right it’s the readings off nero 10 disc speed as you can see if you can see i put 3 verbatim discs in i’ve 25 so far saying no disc inserted

I hope i’m in the right place:confused::confused::confused::confused::sad::sad::sad:



don’t know if i done that right it’s the readings off nero 10 disc speed as you can see if you can see i put 3 verbatim discs in i’ve 25 so far saying no disc inserted

I hope i’m in the right place:confused::confused::confused::confused::sad::sad::sad:[/QUOTE]

If you google that drive model, you will find many reports of problems with it. That old DH16 may not recognize that disc. It was a lousy scanner anyway.