Strange Cuesheet From EAC


I just ripped the Alternative 60’s album using EAC. It ripped the wav perfiectly but the cue sheet was wrong. I tried detecting gaps and TOC but still the cuesheet was wrong.

By wrong I mean it got the track lengths all wrong.

I have mangaged to copy the album by writing my own cue sheet so I’m just posting this for info and was wondering If anybody might know what might have caused this.


This is a known problem of EAC.
I guess you mean the indices of the cuesheet.
These can be wrong on some CDs. Try to change the gap detection mode (A/B/C Accurate, Secure, etc.). Mode A, by example, doesn’t work with all CDs. The best method would be to use EAC only for the “real” work; to extract the music offset corrected. Then you can use CloneCD (with subcode extraction and cuesheet generating enabled) to get the correct cuesheet. Or you can try Cdrwin’s subcode analysis for this task.

Thanks for the repliy little-Endian.

I didn’t even know that those options existed in EAC.

When I found them I had gap detection set to inaccurate and retrieval method B :rolleyes:

So now have set to accurate and method a and now I know they are there I can experiment with them :slight_smile:

I don’t have CDrwin or CloneCD I’ve always used EAC to rip and Feurio to burn and never had a problem before

Thanx again