Strange copy protection

I have bought a CD by Anna-Lotta Larsson, as Swedish singer. (

For use in my car I want to copy the disc so I don’t have to keep the expensive original in my car.

The disc is published by Frituna which is a member of the EMI group.

The CD features the default copy protection logo and it bears the texts that it is a copy protected disc and that it will not play on PC or MAC.

The thing is that every other protected disc I own plays perfectly in my Plextor PX-54TA drive.

This CD however isn’t recognized at all by the CD drives in my PC. I have tried the disc in the following drives:

Plextor PX-54TA
Lite-On 16102B CD-R/W
Creative 1241 12x DVD drive

None of the drives recognize the disc and the Plextor needs a cold reboot of the PC before it works again after the disc has been in the drive.

The details of the disc are as follows:
Artist: Anna-Lotta Larsson
Title: Tidlöst
Label: Frituna / EMI
Catalog id: FRITUNA 590585 2
Published in 2003