Strange, consistant dip in TRT Test on Optodisc R16 DVD+R Media... Problem?



Take a look at the scan below… these are the quality and TRT test results of some Optodisc R16 DVD+R Media - the quality is great but the TRT results show a dip at around 1GB… This dip has been consistent on the 4-5 discs that I’ve burnt with both a Pioneer 111D and a BenQ 1650.

I also have the TRT result speed set to allow up to 22x reading (only a 16x reader obviously) and its only making it to 12x …

Out of curiosity, I tested my scanner with other media, TRT looks smooth and makes it to a full 16x - its just this particular batch or brand of discs.

Does this mean anything? Should I be worried?


What does the Pioneer say?


On the same disc, the Pioneer does not show the dip at 1GB but does show a tiny stutter at 2GB - does this mean its an issue with the Liteon? Its only shown this behavior with this particular type of media - would that make any sense?

Pioneer TRT Scan below


For the sake of comparison, I just did the TYG02 TRT test on the same Liteon Drive… this Liteon always stutters at the very begining (first 250MB or so) - but I’ve written that off as not being an issue - maybe it is.

Same Liteon on TYG02 Media below -


I find my liteon cannot read poor quality discs at high speeds. It also stays at about 12x. The pioneer only has a max 12x read so that result is fine. The blips are nothing imo.

Are you doing any tasks in the background while the TRT is going? It can cause blips and such if you do.

Also, howabout doing a 4x scan again with jitter also enabled? I find that a 4x scan with jitter accompanied by a 16x PIE/PIF scan is more useful than just a 4x scan without jitter. The 16x scan will show how much harder it is for the drive to read the disc with low errors at a high speed.

I’ve seen crap discs scan well at 4x. If you don’t look at the jitter, it can cause you to believe your burn is in spec.