Strange clicking on DVD read

Well, I’ve tried few firmwares for my SHW-160P6S, but none of them cured this, so I’m posting it now.

The problem is:
When I burn a DVD, it doesn’t matter if it is ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ or good quality TDK, Verbatim, or cheap NoName, everything seems to be all right. But problems are, when I’m trying to read something from them.
DVD is recognised properly, there are no problems, with browsing it. But, when the DVD is packed full with data, when I try to copy something to hard-drive, my drive is suddenly starting to making some strange ‘clicks’ and it stops reading for about one second.
To make it more weird, data from early parts of DVD is red without disruptions, only data which is laying over 3GB area has this glitch. To make it even more fun, when I use NeroDriveSpeed, to lower reading speed to 12x, this problem no longer exist. It seems, that drive has some problems with full speed.
And, when those clicks are too frequent on one DVD, the firmware can become corupted, and then drive refuse to recognize any media. Then I’m forced to reflash it.

Oh and I’m using 160P6S.PS0C.patched-16xOS-rs firmware.

Have you tried flashing back to stock firmware?

BTW, PS0B is the last official fw release from Lite-On.
I think PS0C came from a computer company (I don’t
remember now which one) as an upgrade for their
OEM drives…

Yes, I’ve tried that, I’ve tested some stock firmwares, and they didn’t seem to be helping.

Hopefully one of our resident gurus can suggest
something else. Strange… :confused: