Strange characters in posts/threads?

After CDF came up from all the downtime today, I’ve been noticing odd characters all over the place (and I don’t mean the members :bigsmile: )…can’t provide an example, but if you look in Blank Media at some of the thread titles, you’ll see what I mean.

Anyone else seeing this? :eek:

Thanks for letting us know Arachne, confirmed and reported, so someone will fix it the next couple of hours!

Thanks for taking the time to respond and confirm - I can see you guys are hard at work!
Nice to see CDF back up, I was getting withdrawal symptoms :bigsmile:

Other sister sites like are still hard to reach.

An example is Seán’s name…
The character set is not correctly implemented I’d say…

The whole site is still work in progress. Not everything is configured the way it has to be. And I think some servers will still be added too.

The character set issue already came up when the forum server was changed some time ago. It should be easy to fix it again.

On the sidenote of sister sites - ala42’s is down too.

The weird charakters were like “3€” where " should stand, IIRC.

That’s true as the forum no longer recognises “Seán” as my username when logging on! :doh:

On the other hand, I can log on by copying & pasting my weird username from a post into the logon field. So for anyone else who has unusual characters in their nickname, this trick should work assuming they have at least one post made where they can copy their username from. :wink:

I think I fixed it Seán. At least it appears correctly in the forum. See if you can log on again.

My characters are broken as well and I still need to login with those weird characters. So, I am afraid it isn’t fixed yet.

:sad: :bigsmile:

I don’t mean to sound rude or do a dbl. post but can you look at my login problem thread. If I change my password after a reset it say’s invalid bla bla.

Thanks in advance.

Those strange charavters are still coming up

with age……

Yea, noticed the same problem here. Just tell your browser to use Unicode as the character set instead of Western European until it’s fixed on the server.

It didn’t help
To finished simply click the “OK” button to exit the windows. You will now need to check your “Secondary IDE Channel”.

Place is coming in loud and clear using my IE with normal settings :slight_smile:

Still getting some weird ones, they have appeared in my own posts where before they were normal and some of the read firsts are showing funny, for example these in the media forum (not links):
CDFreaks’ “first look” at Traxdata DVD-R DL
CDFreaks’ “first look” at Labelflash™

Though the ones above the Traxdata one are normal looking.

I’m still seeing those also :iagree:…but you can get a general idea of what the threads are about, thank God :slight_smile:

Maybe so but when I first saw them I thought “Hold on I haven’t been smoking something funny have I?” and if I have I can’t remember so it must have been good :bigsmile: Then I realised it wasn’t me…

posting image for reference