Strange CD

A friend just gave me a cd. What so peculiar about the disc is that it is a normal disc with size of 701 MB, but when I copy all the content to HDD, or looking at the files and folders’ properties, the total files size is 1.54 GB! How is this possible? The content of the cd has many same files but under different folders. I tried to copy the files from HDD back to 700 MB cd-r with Nero, and expectedly Nero complained about not enough space. All programs in the cd can be installed and working just fine.

Can someone here shed a light on this? Thanks.

Hi SoroIki and welcome to the forums. Keep in mind that this site is very strict about illegal issues. If the CD is copyrighted which should probably be the case if it is protected it would be against the law to make a backup if you do not own it. Please read the forum rules.

It seems like it has dummy files or a fake TOC. Try copying the CD with CloneCD and you should have no problems.

Sounds like CD’s Microsoft use. They can distribute different versions of the same application on the same CD because they have lots of files that are the same across all versions of that application. Those files are linked to the other application folders to make it look like they are complete and separate applications.

I’ve seen a 500mb cd copy over 2.5Gb of data because the same files where linked to 4 separate versions of the application on the CD and so got copied over 4 times.

Thank you Hemispasm. I can make backup copy of the cd with Nero alright, only wondering how that trick can be achieve. What kind of burning software that can make that kind of cd?

You got that right Web-Junkie. I suppose only Microsoft’s special software can author such cd?