Strange burnings



Hello all,

I hope someone has had this problem or knows what it is.

Up until just recently, the last few times I tried to burn a disk, everything was just fine. I was able to burn disks with no problem but now, for some reason I can’t burn an entire disk. Sometimes it fails and says it fails and sometimes it says success but I can’t read all the data back.

If you flip the disk over to the burn side and catch the light just right with it you can see the line where the actual writing stopped on that disk. It used to be a constant line on my disks but now if you look close you can see a band of “writing” that fades in and out around the disk. Its almost like it burns fine out to a point, then for some reason, the laser starts to loose power over a portion of the disk then gives up all together.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is there a certain life expectancy of the write laser and how long should that be, and is there any way to query the writer for how many hours it has been used.

Any pointers anyone could give me on this would be appreciated.

I have a Pacific Digital 52-24-52 writer, I don’t know the exact model it’s a mach something (I can’t find the pacific digital web site any more, isn’t that great) on a dell P4 with windows ME and roxio 5 software. Everything is the same as it was when I was able to generate good disks, same software, same OS, I am even using disks from the same package.




Check in Device Manager for the model number of the burner.