Strange burning problem...I'm stumped!

I’ve been burning DVDs for about 2 years now and have never run into this problem. I almost always burn with DVD Decrypter.

What happens is periodically during the burn is that the write speed will drastically drop down to 0. It will stay that way for a minute or two then increase back up to full speed.

Some things that I’ve ruled out as the culprit:

-The media is Tayo Yuden 8x -R purchased from Rima, so I’m sure it’s good authentic media

-I completely defragged the hard drive, but it didn’t help.

-I left Task Manager open during my most recent burn and nothing is hogging CPU or memory resources. The CPU usage varied between 2-5% throughout the burn even though the buffer completely ran out during the burn.

-I actually burnt a few with Nero and had the same results, so I know Decrypter isn’t the problem

One thing is consistent…it does this on EVERY burn.

My only two guesses would be a bad IDE cable or a bad burner (BenQ 1620)? Nothing has changed on my system recently except for the video card.

My system:

Athlon AMD XP 3000
Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard
1 GB Kingston RAM

Thanks in advance for any advice!