Strange burn

I just copied Roots. Everything seemed to go ok. I then went to do a test scan in Nero and it would not scan, did a disk info and instead of the disk showing “closed”, it was “open”. Put the disk in a standalone and it played thru. Put it in another standalone and it didn’t play.I used a Lite-on 165PS6 to decrypt and a Benq1620 to burn usingin DvdFab Platinum, with a TYG02 disk. Any idea’s how this happened?

The thing I have noticed is that it only happens with DVDFAB, since
the last post, I have used Ripit4me, DVDcopy95 all went well, did another on Fab and got the same result, upon doing a scan it shows the disk open instead of closed. Put it back in Nero and it says no disk inserted.Has this happened to anyone else?

Many times. Disk needs to be finalized. Right click on DVDFab icon, click on properities, find target, click on PCsetup, (I made an icon on desktop) click on Patin-couffin driver, pick the drive with the disk in it then on bottom of list click unfreeze/finalize media.