Strange burn with LTR-52246S

Hi everybody.

I’m a happy litey customer. I bought a LTR-24102B one year ago. The burner died :frowning: although some friends told me Lite-On is a sh*t because it died, I bought another litey some weeks ago, specifically LTR-48246S, now 52246S :wink:

The fact is that: after burnt my first CD with 48246S @ 24x in a HP CD-R media (cyanine TY), I compared the tracks visually with another CD burnt with mi died 24102B, to view the differences between P-CAV vs. Z-CLV.

As you know, visually there are 3 areas in the CD: lead-in, data burnt, and lead-out. In a cyanine CD-R is very easy to identify: the rainbow made by lead-in & out is a bit bigger and coarser than the rainbow made by data. If you’re a burner-expert, surely you understand what I’m explaining (my english is a little bad)

Ok, the fact is: in the CD burnt with the 24102B the three areas are easily viewable, but… in 48246S is IMPOSSIBLE to identify. In fact, is visible only ONE area, as if the CD doesn’t have lead-in… After oc’d from 48246S to 52246S, the burning is the same.

I tried burning CDs in TAO & DAO mode, and results are the same: only ONE area. Today I tried this: burn a CD but in RAW mode… surprise: three areas, as in the CD burnt in 24102B (in DAO mode)…

Obviously, the burner writes a lead-in and lead-out areas that differs from the lead-in and out areas written by RAW96P mode in cdrecord… I didn’t tried with Nero or another software, but… sounds strange for me.

Anyone knows what is the reason why lead-in and lead-out written by LTR-52246S differs from the another burners?

Thx in advance…