Strange burn results



Hi there,

Having a few problems with Enter The Matrix and GTA: Vice City (both for PC).

I am able to mount the Bin/Cue files and install the game in Daemon Tools with no problems, but when i load the cue up in CDRWin to burn, the disks all burn, but when i put them in my drive, WindowsXP seems to tell me it is a blank disk even though i can see clear as day that the data has been burnt to CD!

I’ve not had a problem with other games or music or SVCD/VCD etc etc, just these two games.

I have a rebadged Lite-On, TX Uranus 52x/24x/52x CD-RW and a Lite-On LTD163 DVD-ROM drive.

Can anyone help? Thanks. :slight_smile:


They both have Securom 4.8. Copy using one of these methods:

With CloneCD:

With Alcohol 120%:


Thanks for the reply, very useful information. :slight_smile:

I solved the problem though, god knows how it happened but i used Fireburner and checked that “Write 12” box and it burnt fine!

Hooray! :smiley: