Strange burn results---media issue?

This is quite strange. For some reason, the last several burns with my Verbatim’s (MCC004) have produced some strange results. At around the .3 to .4 GB mark, there is a spike in PIE to about 80, but for the rest of the disc, they are well below 20 and only average 4, even with the spike. PIF are great, one 6 but everything else is super. Disc quality is fine, though one disc gave my DVD player some trouble. I would post a pic, but that will have to wait until the server issues are hammered out…

This occurs with both of my 1640’s, one BSLB and one BSOB. It also occurs with the NEC 3550 in my kids PC. This only occurs with this media, as even some cheap TDK media (CMC MAG 001) don’t experience the PIE spike.

The fact that this occurs not only with different 1640 firmwares, but different drives altogether leads me to believe it’s a media issue. I’ve never had any issues with Verbs, and I’ve burned darn close to 200 of 'em. Has anyone else experienced this with MCC or any other media for that matter? I’m sure it’s no big deal, but it’s just been bugging me :confused:

These spikes are a “normal” issue with 1640 when you burn a +R media @16x. Benq never recognized this issue, but it is not present in 1650/55 burners.

The only solution is to burn +R media @12x max

Yes, even quality media can have problems.
I just bought a new 1650 because of a similar problem
with Verbatim MCC 003 discs - two different cake boxes
(100’s) with my 1640. Different fw did not help.
In my case there’s a mountain of PIF’s around
the 2.25 GB mark. The discs scan within specs and play OK,
but the scans are ugly compared to what I was used to with this media.
The 1650 does the same thing, so it’s definately the media.

I generally only burn at 8x though…

I have some MCC004 discs here that produce a spike of PIE upto 80 around that point as well. I think its defective discs as there is no rise in PIF errors and the spike is the same on every disc from the spindle I burn.

The problem PIF spikes on the DW1640 are a combe effect after about 3 GB and only at 16x disc speed onto +R discs, this does not look like the case with yours.