Strange BenQ 1655 Behaviour

Hello my fellow CD Freaks,

a friend of mine wanted to get a new DVD burner with decent writing quality and Nero CD/DVD Speed scanning ability and asked for my recommendation.

I told him that the BenQ DW1655 would be a good choice at a decent price and could manage all tasks he expected from a drive.

We then went out and bought a bulk version of the 1655. Looking at the unit, I was wondering why the typical BenQ bezel was missing (the drive looks more like a NEC with a rather square eject button) and no BenQ logo on it (which might just be some OEM design I don’t worry about). We then flashed the latest firmware (BCDB) and the drive was properly recognized in UDMA4 mode.

What really makes me wonder is why this drive shows some strange (but somewhat regular) speeddown during DVD scanning. Roughly every 125 MB, the drive will spin down (speed drops to ~ 0,5x) and spin up again, continuing the scanning process. This wouldn’t be a problem if the scanning time wouldn’t be extended to 11:30 minutes @ 8x. The pure read test (benchmark) in Nero works without any problems at all.

I have seen the same behaviour by some (but not all) users that are posting in the “BenQ 1655 SL Quality” thread and I am wondering why some drives do not show that behaviour.

Motherboard is an nForce2 with M$ drivers, drive is connected via 80-conductor IDE cable as secondary master.

Any ideas ?

Edit: Nero CD Speed version is 4.11, Nero version is

Some media with this drive causes the slowdowns. I dont think anyone has worked out what is causing it yet (I think that even includes BenQ)

We then flashed the latest firmware (BCDB) and the drive was properly recognized in UDMA4 mode.
AFAIK the drive should be UDMA2, if its UDMA4 where did you get the firmware as I would love this for my external case.

The BenQ OEM drives do look totally different from the retail ones, they have big eject button and no BenQ markings on the front.

Do you had a look in this thread
Maybe you’ll find there something interesting, it’s about the 1650 but it doesn’t matter this happened sometimes with both drives.

It happens with every piece of DVD media (pressed, burned +R, burned -R) that we have tried thuis far …

My bad … it is indeed UDMA2 …

Thanks for the confirmation …

Hi :slight_smile:
For the curious, why would a drive show the stop/go for the first half of a disc then revert to more common consistant scan. Sorry to those who may be expecting a scan of 1655. But the problem is the concern here.

I use the NVIDIA drivers and my 1655 works awesome.