Strange behaviour with Nec 3540/XP after updating firmware

Hello All

After updating the firmware in NEC 3540 the computer freezes under upstart/restart if a dvd media is present in the drive. I’ve tried flashing to W7
and back to W5. Same problem. With a cd media in the drive there is no problem. I have to admit :o I forgot to take a dvd medie out of the drive once I flashed :doh: But the burner still works fine. No probs writing/reading. Btw XP SP2. After 3 restarts (before I found out it was a media/drive/XP issue) my XP was so damaged I had to format.
I can live with the issue, but if you have any ideas-appreciated.


is it freezing at the post screen or while in windows?

it is freezing while in windows

To be a little more specific-in the midle of windows “start” faze.

then there is something loading which is causing the problem. run msconfig and choose diagnostic mode and see if it works. start rechecking things as you startup and eliminate what is causing the problem (probably incd if you loaded software that came with the drive)