Strange behaviour of securom v4.82.xx.xxxx(+)

Ok, let’s see. A few weeks ago i tried to copy an unclonable version of securom and it happenned something very curious. I did the ussual steps to copy a standart securom new but with the “hide cd-r media” option activated in cloneCD tray while reading and writting. I know i had not to use it but i tried don’t ask me why. All the process went fine and i installed the game without problems. Then i tried to play it, and miracle!!!. I re-eject the game and tried again…same result…perfect… I was wondering with that result only by ticking the “hide cd-r media” option and i was playing so long WITHOUT rebooting the system. Later, i rebooted my system and leave “hide cd-r media” enabled, nut in this case.nothing…didm’t worked.

The strange stuff is how the test worked when it ran. When all was working, the securom test didn’t worked…it just started the game. It was pretty fast, like it weren’t protected. I only did it once and only worked while the system were on. Maybe a securom bug but those time the copy worked always better than original did. Maybe could help for someone or at least as a curious test. My cd recorder is a 24x plextor drive and the tested game was the beach life :confused:

Good luck!

same here mate copied virtual sprinbreak worked on my mitsumi not on my other drives played the game for a long time then had to leave shut down came back to play again and then guess what the game refuses to run again…i thing that it either damages a file in the registry or adds a file then when u try to run the backup it looks for this file and will not run?my opinion…

Well, if it adds a file, do you think that deleting it every time you want to play would help?

I don’t think it adds a file, but a reg key sure. And i don’t know too why this happens, but something avoid to securom to test in the cd is correct or not. When rebooting the key is deleted, replaced or created, don’t know but it will not work again.
An idea for Ollie coulf be to ignore such verification, but it will become illegal…so i don’t think it could help so much…

Good luck!