Strange behaviour of Plextor CD-R



I have been using Plextor CD-Rs with my Plex Premium for a few weeks now. All with very good results.
Normally I buy them in my local store, but a few days ago, I got them from another store just a few minutes away.

The strange thing:
The cd-r from the “new” store seem to have much lower error rates than the CD-Rs I get in my local one…
On the other hand, the jitter looks worse. :confused:

Here are the scans from the “local store cd’s”

On the second are the “new store cd’s”

What would you say, what’s more important for Audio-Cd’s?
Better jitter or lower error rate?

And how could that vary this way at all? Plextor media should have constant qaulity… :confused:


Besides, I did test with more than one CD.
All scans from this batch look the same.


That’s normal batch-to-batch variation, I’ve also encountered this. Nothing to worry about, both scans are excellent.


I think you’re right.
It’s just because all media from my old store have this “high” spikes at the beginning.
(Well, high is relative :slight_smile: )


Different storage conditions in each shop?


Could be possibel…good idea.
Interesting, the shop which I don’t find very trustworthy seems to have the ones with lower error rates…

So, stays the question:
What’s better for audio: Low errors or better jitter?