Strange behavior With plextools 2.21

If i’m running the SUm8 Test and i decide to start switching to other menus within plextools, such as drive settings, Plextools starts reading my PIE Errors through the roof. I mean an average of 8 with a total of 300k! Maybe you aren’t supposed to bother it but i’ve done this all the time before and nothing like this ever happened (before 2.21)

Don’t do that…

duh, better use 2.20 for testing.

Any reason Plextor took away the link to download version 2.20?

Not really, they always remove links to older versions. Generally speaking; the latest version is the best version (although that’s not always the case :D).

Maybe Cavicchi meant that the link to Plextools 2.20 is removed on the Plextor America site?
You can see this there:
Only versions 2.01,2.02A,2.09,2.12 and 2.20 are removed.

Yes, that’s the place where I saw the missing link. I think it’s kind of odd they have links for versions 2.14 through 2.19 and then skip 2.20.

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